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Pugs are the best dogs and if you disagree you're incorrect.

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With a smug grin Valerie emerged from the hotel's laundry room, getting in had been a cakewalk as expected, thus wasn't a particularly large or popular hotel so security was lax and camera surveillance absent, meaning Val could walk up to the small laundry room window facing the alley and squeeze her lithe body through.

She had changed from her street clothes into a used maid's outfit, it still had its previous owners sweat-stains and was a bit too roomy around her tiny waist but she wasn't intending to wear it for long as she headed toward the kitchen and grabbed a room service tray with an empty plate and a big bell-shaped cover to conceal the empty plate so she could pretend to actually bring room service.

Pushing the little trolley along she took the service elevator to the 5th floor, where her target was, Valerie wasn't just a random break-in she was CIA and a high profile drug-lord was her target, this needed to be done covertly so they could reasonably shift the blame onto another gang in an attempt to get the scum to wipe each other out.

As the counter above the elevator doors slowly counted from 1 to 5 she examined herself in the door's reflective surface, she was still the same black beauty as always, a mere smile enough to disarm most men long enough that she could shoot them without having to care for cover, she turned her attention downward toward her breasts just to ensure that the small pistol between remained concealed during the clothes-swap, it had.

She proceeded down the hall of the 5th floor counting rooms as she went "501, 503, 505, 507, 509, 511, 513." Her lucky number, her wicked grin was reflected back by the shiny silverware as she knocked on the door and put on er kindest sweetest voice "Excuse me~ Room service..." The trap was set.

On the other side of the door a somewhat large hispanic man put out his cigar into the ash-tray and with some effort got up out of his chair, he'd had a busy week and was annoyed at someone disturbing his one moment of peace, he slowly walked up to the door and opened it "I didn't no order room-service" he blurted out clearly annoyed.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry mister" Val replied acting so overly sweet she could give people cavities "I could've sworn this said room 513" she bent over her trolley, she bent deeply making sure he got a good look down her shirt, though the gun had been moved into her hands prior to this, as she pretended to read the blank piece of paper knowing fully well her customer had long since stopped looking at what she was doing and had started staring at her chest.

"Oh 315! I'm so sorry sir, I'll leave you alone now" she said taking one step forward only for the man to put his hand on her trolley stopping her "Take it easy girlie, no need ta rush. Come in, let's talk." Valerie looked to the side feigning ignorance to his intentions "I don't know sir..." "Aww... C'mon girlie, I'll make it worth your time, besides what kinda man would I be sending a pretty girl like yerself away." "Awww sir..." She forced a blush "If you put it like that how can I say no?"

The man beckoned her to come in as he stepped back deeper into the hotel room, as soon as she crossed the threshold he turned around and went for the mini-bar as Valerie pulled out her gun and aimed it at his head "So what kinda wine you like girlie? Or are you not allowed ta drink on duty?" The man said as he perused the selection of booze "Red" she replied without a shred of her former cutesie behavior.

"Yeah Red's my favori-..." He fell dead silent as he turned around and saw Valerie hold a small revolver in his direction dropping the bottle of wine in shock "Listen girlie, I wasn't going to do anything to you that you didn't want..." "Shut up Pedro" she said coldly "You've run your smuggling ring quite well, it took us several years to even fid your name, another year to find your location, but let's see how quickly it all falls apart now that you're gone."


She had pulled the trigger just as he was about the beg for his life, she could see it in his eyes, Valerie hated when they did that, when they tried to appeal to her mercy, tried to repent for their sins, tried to give sob-story reasons for their crimes, it took all of the fun out of it, she savored the look of shock whenever they found out how grossly they underestimated her, not the groveling they did afterwards.

The infamous druglord, Pedro "El Jefe" Gùtierrez, lay dead on the floor his mouth still agape in shock and bullet-hole right between the eyes, blood leaked from the wound down the side of his face onto the hardwood floor where it mixed with the fallen wine, the two liquids virtually indistinguishable at this point, Val reveled in the kill for a few moments when something broke the almost serene silence.

Police sirens and bright red-blue lights, "The cops?! Here? Now? How the hell is that possible this quickly?" Val thought while nervously pacing around the room wracking her mind over an escape route, blood had gotten on her heels so she couldn't just walk out pretending to be a maid, but then her eyes locked onto the window in a moment of clarity.

"Spread 'em" Officer Peters barked at the drug dealer, the skinny man complied and Peters searched him, finding about 5000 dollars in cash in the man's pocket and a bag of cocaine worth another 5000, Peters nodded to his partner who cuffed the criminal and put him in the back of the patrol car while Peters himself did some quick paperwork, when suddenly.

The sound of glass shattering along with some large dropping from a fifth story window caught their attention "Fuck... Another suicide" Officer Danielson concluded as she shut the door "Can you check it out Sherry? I'm not done with this paperwork just yet." Officer Danielson made her way into the alley next to the hotel just as she disappeared from sight the police radio spoke up.

"Car number 619, 619 you there?" Peters sighed lay his papers and pen on the hood and got in the car "619 reporting, this is officer Raymond Peters." "619 there's been a number 579 gunshot heard right near your position." "We just saw something get thrown or jump out the window of the hotel, we'll check it out." Peters just got out of the car when Danielson called "Ray I could use some back-up here."

When Val started recovering from the five story drop into a dumpster and her eyesight un blurred she saw clearly that the two blue shapes that made weird mumbling noises were in fact two cops with their guns drawn, her gun was nowhere to be found so she sighed and put her hands up, Brenner was going to be furious about this.

It didn't take long for the murder to be pinned on her, after all the evidence was clear, a gun with her finger prints and the exact same caliber, signs of a break-in at the laundry room, a stolen maid uniform, this was an absolute cakewalk for the detective involved, the court case prepared within a few hours, which unfortunately for Val meant that the CIA didn't have the time to intervene and save her ass.

The first thing the next morning a police officer wakes her up "CIA wants to talk to you." Valerie acted scared as she got escorted into the interrogation room, a man in a black suit came in a little later and dismissed the police officer, Val smiled figuring she was safe now that Brenner was here, he'd get her acquitted and a new identity, it would all be alright again.

"I can't save you Val" Brenner said curtly "Why the fuck not Brenner, can't you pull some strings, maybe grease some palms?!" Val was pissed, surely Brenner was joking "I've tried, but it's an open-and-shut case. Everyone at the police station knows you did it and half the city does too thanks to the news, I can't get you out without raising eyebrows and Langley hates it when people start asking questions."

Valerie took a moment to calm herself down from this shocking news "So what now? They're gonna give me the chair?" "No, would've been easier if they did, means we could've tampered with the thing and faked your death. But no you're gonna get like 20-30 years in prison." "Fuckin' hell, so how are you gonna fix that? No way I'm doing time!" "We'll think of something Val, we've already planted a guard at the local prison to gather intel."

"So is that it?" "Yeah that's it, see you in court Val." "See you in court Brenner...."

The court case was as predictable and fast as Brenner had predicted, Valerie didn't even bother pleading innocent, though her lawyer gave a real valiant performance at trying to lower her sentence despite being fully aware she wasn't going to sit it through, everyone in the court was on CIA payroll, but none could do anything or the media would lose their minds, the court ended with the jury declaring her guilty and the judge sentencing her to 30 years, a rough punishment to get the media off Val's ass.

The prison bus rolled up to Gray Penitentiary and dropped off its one passenger, Valerie, the killer-maid as she'd been dubbed by the media, with a guard on every arm and dressed in orange she was escorted through the women's prison, some prisoners called her insults, the generic ones she'd heard a million times but most of them just hit on her, not a lot of genuinely pretty ladies got in prison.

Finally she reached her hallway, H-8, High security, for murderers and other killers, the entire prison stunk of shit and other horrible things but this hallway was particularly malodorous and the horrible stench only got worse the further they walked, like a sewer pipe had burst and no-one had bothered to fix it for a year.

Eventually she reached her sell and was kindly thrown in, almost landing on her new cellmate, she looked at her new cellmate, big girl with red hair, at least 6 foot tall and more than twice as wide as Valerie herself, the girl hadn't turned around to face her yet, perhaps in an attempt to seem more dominant and imposing to Val, but Val wasn't a little girl about to be pushed over by a bit of posing, she knew how to get into the dominant position, speak first and match or surpass the other's energy.

But just as Val was about to speak, the prisoner made a sound, completely drowning out the beginning of Val's sentence and claiming her advantage with an "energy" Valerie couldn't even hope to match let alone surpass.
Undercover in the BIG house TEASER
Hey here's another teaser by ya boi Gray, needed something to shake the rust off my writing muscles and this was just the thing!

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Vincent didn't come into school today. Which was odd since he just talked about keeping our grades up.

She sighed sitting by herself in school, she was going straight to his appartment after school.

Vincent was reorganizing his room. Setting up computers, police radios and the like.

Demi walks in "Hey why weren't you at school today, I thought you said we should keep our grades up?" she asked confused

"I'm new so no one would care." He was attaching another computer.

"Yeah I guess you're right..." she says as she chucks her bag on the bed "Uhh... So how do you clean your costume, because after all that crimefighting mine smells a little funky..." she blushed a little

"Put it in the bathroom. I'll clean it." When she enters the bathroom she saw the toilet was clean and completely fixed

"Wow, I hope it wasn't too much work to fix that toilet" she said as she got her costume out of her bag "Ugh... I forgot how this thing stunk! That spandex stuff doesn't breathe at all, peeyew!"

"I see, just sling it over something and I'll deal with it soon." He stopped working and looked at his progress.

She hangs it on the towel rack before joining Vincent again "You got a lot of work done today!" she said checking all the gizmos out "I've been saving up something for you too~" she said seductively.

He turned to her not yet getting the seductive  innuendo. "Hmm? What is it?"

"Well, if you got a minute..." she looks into his eyes "I've got something brewing inside me for you~" she winks

He laughed. "Some more perfume?"

"They had chili at lunch today and I just couldn't help but take seconds and thirds" she grins as her belly rumbles "Now sit down on the bed and let me give you a hint on all the stuff you missed out on at school"

Vincent sits down and waits for Demi. "I wonder what it'll be.."

She turns around facing her jean-cald backside toward Vincent as she slowly pulls her pants down revealing her large blubbery rear end.

"What're you going to do with that weapon?" He asked

"You know what I'm gonna do~" she says as she pushes her butt against his face before letting out a thunderous fart.

Vincent inhales her monstrous farts. "Yeah I definitely smell some chili. Anything else~"

"I grabbed some hot dogs on the way over here" she said before blasting him again "And I had breakfast burritos before school" she rips another one

"I can definitely smell that burrito hehe can't smell the hotdogs though maybe I should go investigate" He winked

"Yeah I'm sure you can sniff it out!" she jokes as she playfully shakes her butt in his face

He put his finger in her hole. "I think should reach in and pull it out myself. "

"Oohh... Vincent~ PPFFFRRRTTTT!" her ass jiggles around his hand as she lets out a big one in her arousal.

"No...not yet, I don't think I found the hot dog yet" He puts two fingers in her

"MMM!" she starts ripping ass like her life depends on it now

Vincent eventually fisted his entire hand up her bum. "Feels good doesn't it?"

"Yeah BBBRRRMMPPPP!" she says as she moans deeply

"You're like a little kid, "I have a gift for you if we have time~" " He playfully mocks.

"Like a little kid?" she asked confused

"You don't get it, I'm saying you said it innocently but.. nevermind." He pushed his hand further

"MMM... You have no idea how good this feels Vince!" she said moaning like crazy now

"You don't know how wet it feel inside you" He shoves his arms inside.

"JEEZ! How far are you in me now?!" she says sounding suprised but very turned on.

"I don't think it's physically possibly to go any further so this is it for now. " He pulled out his arm.

"Aaahhhh...." She moans as her butt basically erupts as he pulls out his hand

"You're so cute" He hugged her.

"You're so sweet and hot~" she says as he hugs her.

"I'm not hot, I'm just your average John Doe." He pats her butt for her to get up.

"You're gorgeous honey, look at those muscles!" she squeezes his arms.

He blushes as she feels his muscles. "I have to stay fit if I'm going to fight crime"

"Yeah and you do so nicely~" she feels him up some more "Plus you're packing some impressive...heheh.. tools downstairs "

He blushes some more and makes an uncomfortable laugh "Hehe you don't say.." He kisses her cheek.

She kisses him back "You're a real hottie babe!"

"Hehe if you say so...but I don't think anyone has a bigger thicker backdoor than you" He smacks it
"I don't know if everyone likes that as much as you do, but I'm glad you like it so much!" she smiled

"I bet those criminals didn't like it as much either"

"Hehe... Yeah you're right" she giggles "I've got a great ass for fighting crime!"

He taps it. "That you do, that you do...Let me up I've got to check something."

"Sure!" she stands up "You mind if I grab some food from your fridge?"

"Huh? Knock yourself out." He gets near the main computer and sits. "I've got to find..."

Demi heads over to kitchen still not wearing pants and makes herself a couple sandwiches to eat.

"Hey I've got an idea." He tells Demi.

"Mmmffrr.." she mumbles before swallowing the bite of food down "What uuurrrrppp... is it?" she says with a burp in the middle.

"What if you sit on a sandwich and feed it to me haha" He joked.

"That sounds gross!" she says giggling to herself

"Yeah? Well I licked your butt yesterday and you didn't call it gross" He laughed

She giggles some more "Well fine if you want a nasty butt-sandwich, I'll get you one!" she said as she gently sat down on a sandwich making a soft squishing sound.

Vincent's dick throbbed as he saw her crush the sandwich. It was utterly dwarfed by the large gargantuan butt.

She grinded her butt on it for a few seconds "Hold on, I just need to hnngghh cut the cheese! PPFFFFRRRTTT"

"That's a good pun haha" He laughed at her joke

"Yeah I thought it was pretty funny too PRRTT! You want it now or do I need to rip some more into it!"

"I think it's a bit, undercooked "

"Well if you want it  well done! GGNNHH! PPFFRRROOOTTTT! BBBRRRAAAPPP!" She lets off some huge farts into the sandwich

"Ohhhh that things gonna be steaming!" He got all the more excited as he saw, Demi rip,some good ones.

"Hehe yeah... and I bet it reeks too!" she said as she got off her seat and the sandwich remains stuck to her butt for a sec before falling down on the chair again, she picks it up and hands it to Vince "Well, bon appetit" she said giggling not really expecting Vincent to eat it.

Vincent, just for laughs, takes a bite out of the worst sandwich he's ever eaten. He almost hurled. "Its...good.." He heaved.

She just starts laughing her ass off at the weird face Vincent pulls immediately after he takes a bite "Haha... Not much better than perfume now, is it?" she says amidst more laughing.

"Well you shouldn't be eating perfume either. That shuts awful. But this is better." He eats the whole thing.

"Well if you're still hungry, I think there's some cottage cheese stuck to my ass from sitting on your sandwich." she joked

"I see, well we have to take care of that. " He turned her around.

She bent over and shook her butt there was quite a bit of sandwich still on her ass

Vincent opened his mouth and sucked off the last pieces of sandwich. "I think your clean."

"Ooohhh~ That felt really good~" she said grinning

He buried his face in her bum. "Ohh~ it love this ass." He motorboats her bum.

"Vincent~" she moans "That tickles~ hehe PPFFRRRTTT!" she was so glad having a boyfriend who was so attracted to her every aspect

He stopped. "Let me stop. I have work to do." He turned around and went back on the computer.

"Aw but babe~" she whined

"I'm sorry, but we have a city to protect. Our relationship has to come second. " He looked serious.

She pouted for a sec before thinking of something funny, she slowly and sneakily brought her butt close to his face before farting on him blowing his hair around a little.

"Come on now. You have a very beautiful butt. Now can I get back to work?" He kisses one of her butt cheeks

"ugh fine..." she sighed as she sat back down

"Tell me more, about that demon..." He continued typing away

"Whatcha looking for?" she asked as she peeked over his shoulder

"Belmont is such a hard place to live. Unemployment is over 60%, over 25% of the population is involved in some sort of organized crime....but why?"

"I don't know..." she says confused "This place does kinda suck huh..."

"It's almost like...a curse." He looked up some more stuff about this "demon". He wanted to know about it. And after a few hours he found it. " Harold Moriarty, the banker, the demon." He had found his metaphorical demon.

"The banker?! He's at the base of all this?!" she was pretty surprised "But why would he? Isn't he rich enough?"

"You told me that years ago a demon came and turned this place side ways. It just so happens, Harold Moriarty, has the whole city in debt. And alot of crimes he ass committed have been...swept under the rug sort of speak." He twirled a pencil in his fingers. "65 years old...yet so young. He looks like he could be a football player."

"W-wait?! 65! I thought he was like 23?!" she asked incredibly surprised

"There is something very strange about you Harold. Very strange indeed." He turned to her "And when do you start your gymnastics class?"

"Ugh... Tomorrow..." she really wasn't looking forward to this

"You better need the training. If you don't we could get into a lot of pickles." He turned back around. "I'm going to be blunt about this. I'm killing him."

"W-what? Why!" she asked really surprised "Why kill him! Can't you just like beat him up and I stink him up and then we expose him to the police and he gets fired!"

"There's a reason I'm hated in the press. There's a reason he is still on the street. The judicial system is broken, he'd be out seconds after we put him away. He's not getting out alive."

"B-but Vince! You can't kill him! I won't let you!" she says sternly

"I wont. I'm just a normal high-school student. But I'm not sure what BlackJack thinks."

"C'mon Vincent, you're not like schizophrenic right? BlackJack doesn't exist, it's you!"

"I know he's me Demi. But that bastard can't live. I'm telling you he can't live!" He turned around. "I used to think innocently and pure, just like'll see. This city. Wont let up."

She hugs him "Don't let this city taint you, stay yourself, no need to lower yourself to what this city wants you to do, you're just becoming what Moriarity wants you to be."

"There are some people that shouldn't live. And Moriarty is one of them. I'm sorry..." He went quiet.

She hugs him more tightly "But what makes you the one who gets to decide who lives or dies?" she asked

"I don't know. But when I see suffer like this. It doesn't matter. Whether I'm right or wrong. I just want to help people."

"I guess, but is it worth taking a life even if it saves thousands?" she asks

"Yes...but I'll think about..." He said he'd think about it but looked dead set on killing Moriarty

She sighed realizing she couldn't change his mind "Fine... You think about yourself."

"Demi...I'll consider it..." He went into the bathroom, and started washing her costume.

Demi put on her pants again and just chilled out on the couch.

He finished cleaning her costume and put it up on the rack to dry. "Why'd you put your pants back on? I still have to plow it" He said kinkly.

"Oh so you wanna have sex now, all that murder talk was kind of a turn off for me..." she said looking down

"Look I'm trying not to think about it. You make it seem as if it'd be wrong to kill that evil bastard."

"You would!" she replied quite annoyed

He rubbed the cartilage of his nose with his index finger and thumb. "Damn it! I said I'd think about it!What more do you want from me?" He felt disgruntled.

"Promise me you won't do it!" she looked him in the eyes "Because I... I don't know if I can love a murderer..."

He looked at her stunned she would even say that. "...I can't make that promise. I'll kill one man if it means saving a thousand." He stormed out the apartment and down to the street where he'd proceed to walk down the street.

She sighs and crosses her arms as she sits on the bed, she was so annoyed at him.

It had started to rain, as Vincent mindlessly walked down the street. "How could she let him live. He controls everything. There's nothing we can do..." He continued to question, Demi's opinion.

Demi was really angry with Vincent, she had thought he would have some sort of moral code, she sighed as she could feel tears well up in the corners of her eyes, perhaps he wasn't the ideal boyfreind after all.
Vincent walked by a store front television. Moriarty was at a ribbon cutting event for a new highway. "That bastard."

Demi sighed as she looked as she flipped on the tv and saw the very same thing "Oh god, Vincent wouldn't..." she said feeling pretty worried.

Vincent took his clothes off and wore his outfit superman style. The only thing he didn't have was the escrima rods but he'd do without them.

Demi had a bad feeling about this as she quickly put on her costume and headed toward the bridge, just hoping she'd be there before Vincent got there.

BlackJack had been watching the ribbon cutting for awhile. "Bastard. The city doesn't have money for a new bridge. What's his deal?"

Eventually BlackCat joins him, totally out of breath "I knew you'd... be here" she manages to bring out
"I'm surprised you got up here." He was staring at Harold with binoculars

"Whatever..." she wasn't really in the mood for this "So what are you going to do?"

"...I don't know yet...." He continued to stare

"Okay, just tell me before you do anything please."

"Roger that BlackCat...they're leaving to the party. We're going." He put his binoculars away." Can you get down?"

"What do you mean we're going? Are we just gonna walk in?" she said a little confused.

"No, we're going to watch from the shadows like usual." He got into squatting position. "Get on my back."

"Yup" she says as she climbs on "Let's go" she didn't seem as excited as usual.

BlackJack noticed but didn't address it he figured it was because of earlier. "I won't kill him..."

"I hope not" she responded still not sounding too thrilled

"I thought you'd be happy to hear it..." He jumped on and off of several buildings watching Moriarty's limousine very closely.

"I-I just don't know if you mean it..." she sighed

"I can't be your Batman, or Superman. I can only be me. My moral code is to save the city of Belmont at all costs." They reach the location of the party. It's in a pent house. "When the Devil comes knocking at your doorste, you don't pay him on the back,and invite him in. You break his knees and leave him there to rot. However..." He looked into her eyes. "I feel very strongly about you, and you mean a great deal to me. I won't kill him, for no other reason, but to please you" He grabbed her hands "I promise."

She hugs him "That's all I needed to hear sweetie, I'm glad you'll do it for me and I will hold you to this."

He doesn't show it but he felt some kind of relief. "That's up pretty high...can you tightrope?"

"Uhh..." she said looking down "I-I-I... N-no..."

"Thought so. " He fires a grapnel wire across to another building. I invented a tool for carrying a grown adult similar to the sling mothers use for babies."

"You're making it sound like I'm a little kid again!" she says pretending to be upset

"You are a little kid in a woman's body." He joked. "Here's put this on." He tossed her the sling.

She clumsily put it on "So now you're gonna carry me around?"

"Exactly. Now make sure you have your bib." He puts the other end on him. "Now come close to me."

"Sweetie one more joke like that and you're gonna have one hell of a messy diaper to clean up!" she joked as she got close to him.

"I'm counting on it later." He teased. He buckled them in.  "Ok, don't look down. I'm going to climb across the wire."

She looked straight up into his face "I hope I'm not too heavy for you..."

"We've been through this. You aren't too heavy" He started to maneuver very slowly across the wire. "It'll be ok"

"Okay, I trust you honey"

He continued. Trying to show no fear. After a while, he was in the middle "No turning back now.."

"Y-yeah" she stuttered, she wasn't feeling to great being up so high but did her best not to look down still

"Just look at me..." He asked.

"Y-yeah..." she continued looking at his face.

"We're almost across..."

Suddenly out of nowhere Demi rips a massive fart causing her face to go bright red

"Calm down, no one can hear you." He reassured her.

"No I was worried I would blast you off balance..." she said shyly

They reach the end. "I'd make love to you, if we weren't on a skyscraper." He said jokingly.

"Nothing I do turns you off does it?" she teased

"Not really. I'm always horny. It's probably a medical issue but who cares." He brought out the binoculars and looked at the pent house.

"So uhh.. what's going on in there?" she asked as she squinted to look inside

"Orgy..not the kind of place I should be in. Maybe we could go in and try to blend in by actually doing it." He nudged her.

"I suppose I wouldn't stand out in this outfit!" she stuck her tongue out at him

"Stop it. Or I'll put you over my knee and spank you." Yet another joke.

"You're gonna need to wash your hands after you do that~" she teased

"Looking forward to it. Now we need to get going again. "

"Yeah let's go BlackJack!"

He strapped himself to her again. "We're doing something different this time around." He used the end of the wire and punctured the roof with it. "Now with this loose wire, we're going to swing like Spiderman to the penthouse."

"Uh okay and what's stopping us from crashing through the window?"

"Nothing at all. Remeber I do this cause I enjoy it. Now hope to god we live. " He said grinning. He held tightly to the rope.

"You're gonna be the one who's gonna pull the glass shards out of my ass when we're done here!"

"Noted." He turns around and grips the wire. Then starts jumping down the side of the building holding the rope with all his might.
Demi closes her eyes and presses herself against Vincent's chest, she was quite scared

"Don't think about it hun. After this I'll feed you a whole tub of icecream. How does that sound?" He was trying to be comforting.

"Yeah that sounds good..." she said still keeping her eyes shut

He turns his body. Even he was scared shitless staring at the busy street under them. He kicked himself off the wall and swung his legs slowly.

Demi held her breath while they swung

He swung his legs back and forth like on a swing and pushing his legs off the wall for more distance until crash They went through a window. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, though there's definitely some glass shards in my ass, but it doesn't really hurt much, you?"

"Think I twisted my ankle, but I'm fine." He pushed them both up and strapped them. "The music is loud. No one heard us."

"Y-yeah I guess, hey how does my butt look?" she asked pointing her butt at him, there were a fair amount of glass shard lodged in there.

"Don't worry. I'll pull them out. " He started gently removing the shards of glass from her behind. A dark towering figure appeared next to them from the shadows.

Demi let out sensual moans as he picked all the glass out of her butt, not noticing the figure beside them.

The figure grabbed BlackJack's head and bashed it into a wall, momentarily knocking him out. He looked at Demi, "BlackCat? Right?"

"Yeah that's me?" she turned around "Uhh.. who are you? and where's BlackJack?!"

"Harold Moriarty." He picked her up and threw her on his desk "My my quite the curvy girl you are."

"Uhh... y-yeah... w-what are you gonna do?" she was pretty scared

"Before I do anything, I want to know why you two would go to great lengths to break into my home?"

"T-t-to stop your evil p-plans..." she is super scared

"Evil plans?" He chuckled "Tell me did you think I'm some sort of generic villain like Lex Luthor or The Joker? How old are you"

"Shut up! Or I'll blast you!" she threatened pointing her large ass at him

He stuffed a cork up her butt and pushed her to the ground. "Please I have a lot of work to do. So I'm gonna do the world a favor and throw you out of my window"

"HEY!" She shouted "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING ASSHOLE!" she was incredibly upset and started putting some real pressure on the cork

BlackJack jumped onto Harold's back and bashed both escrima rods into his head.

BlackCat grunts as the cork is still holding back all her gas and it's starting to hurt "S-some help please..."

Harold thrashed around until BlackJack made him run into the wall. Harold fell to the ground trying to shake his dizziness. BlackJack ran up to BlackCat and reached up her but pulling out the cork "I'm here BlackCat."

As soon as he pulls out the cork BlackCat's ass just erupts making her thick butt jiggle like crazy as she unleashes an actual storm of farts into the room.

[Harold coughs from the gas. He starts to stomp over to them.

BlackCat just continues ripping ass completely unable to really respond in any other way as all the nerves had completely wrecked her intestines.

Harold couldn't take anymore and started to gag. "What did you eat?"

"Ugh! Way too much~" she moaned as she continued ripping more nasty farts.

BlackJack tackled him to the ground but got punched in the nose, breaking it. Moriarty grabbed his head and slammed it into his knee.

BlackCat slowly gets up on her feet and stumbled toward the two of them to attempt to stop them.

BlackJack punched Moriarty's knee, making him buckle, then an uppercut to the chin, followed by a jiu-jitsu throw putting him on the ground. "BlackCat!"

BlackCat quickly jumps backwards dropping her ass on his face before starting to let loose.

"Get off of me! I'm trying to help the people of Belmont!"  He pleaded

"You're only helping yourself!" she replied before ripping another loud fart on his face.

"Get off me girl!" He demanded

"Tough luck!" she said before letting off some more farts "Whew, I bet it stinks down there!"

He gagged even more. "What do you want?"

"We want you to stop ruining our city!" she says sternly as she grinds her large backside against his face

"Get off me!" BlackJack breaks his legs with the escrima rods. "You're going to prison you evil bastard."

"Yeah now shut up or you'll regret it!" she said as her stomach growled

"Let him have it BlackCat. We need him asleep."

"Hehe... Blast off!" she said before letting it rip stinking him up.

Harold was knocked out. BlackJack was tempted to just throw him off right there and now but he knew he'd have to deal with Demi afterward.

She gets up off of his face "Aah~ That's a big relief" she said looking down at the passed out villain "heh, so I guess we're done now"

"I don't know...we don't have evidence against him and they won't trust us...there's not much to do.." He stares at the man blankly

She gives him a tight hug "I appreciate that you managed to control yourself, I know how much you hate him."

"But we can't do anything...." He stared blankly

"I mean are you sure we can't do anything? I mean... we could steal his money and you could build that batcave!"

He looked at her and smiled. "I think I love you Demi."

"I love you too~" she giggles

"Let's take his money."  BlackJack went on his computer and hacked all of his accounts to a private ghost account. BlackJack's account. "There. The media will think he wasted it all on this party."

"Ha! Suck on that!" She said to the passed out banker "So anything else you wanna do?"

"We should find a change of clothes and leave...we'll be less noticeable that way."

"Yeah! Uh.. You think he has any clothes that would suit me?"

"No. I'm sure that there are multiple drunks around. We're gonna take their clothes."

"Okay, if you think you can find a drunk girl around my size."

"No you have to come with me. I need a new set of clothes myself. Come on." He took off his mask, gloves, etc to appear less suspicious as they look for clothes among the people.

She looked around with him but didn't take anything off, she looked like a dominatrix anyways so she fit in.

He finally found a guy with a pink and black tuxedo on. "He'll do." He stood the guy up and placed his arm around his neck as if he were a friend helping him out.

Meanwhile Demi spotted a drunk girl wearing a red cocktail dress staggering into the girl's room, she had a decently sized rump on her, though nowhere near Demi's size but it would do, she quickly followed into the bathroom.
Vincent came out of the bathroom with the man's outfit.

A massive fart came from the bathroom before Demi walked out in her new dress, it was a little tight around her backside but it did fit her and she looked pretty good in it too.

"Ok let's make our way out the penthouse before he is found." He straightened his tie "You look stunning."

"Really?" she asked "Doesn't it make my butt look big?" she showed him her butt.

"Yes it makes it look gargantous." He told her honestly. He gently squeezed it and directed her to the elevator.

She giggled "Maybe I should keep this dress then~" she said as she headed into the elevator with him.

As they walked in the elevator, screams could be heard. "Someone attacked Moriarty!" Vincent couldn't help but smile after the doors closed and descend

After the doors closed Demi hiked up a leg a ripped a monumental fart filling the elevator with her scent "Aahh~ That was a good one~"

Vincent cracked up and inhaled. "Well at least he'll be broke."

"Yeah... And I doubt he'll appreciate the present I left in his bathroom either" she said giggling.

"Well did you leave anything for me?" He asked kinkily

"Trust me sweetie, I've got plenty left~" she said with a wink

He laughed. "I'm looking forward to getting home."

"Yeah me too... I'm real tired..." she said stretching.

"Too tired to be in bed?" He laughed

"Well you might need to do all the work~" she teased "But I'll probably fart a lot, so that might be fun"

The elevator opened and multiple rifles were trained on them. The swat had surrounded them.

Demi raised her hands "Uhh... Is there a problem officer?" She asked kindly

"BlackJack. You are under arrest for assault and battering of over 600 people."The man shouted into the megaphone.

Demi quikcly thinks of something "What BlackJack's here?! Then we should get out of here quickly! C'mon Vincent!" she said as she starts to leave.

Vincent puts his arm around Demi's neck as if he is going to restrain her. "Watch out he's got a hostage!" "Sorry Demi...I won't pull you down with me." "Let the hostage go!" "I'll shoot her! I swear to good!" The swat readied their guns. He threw Demi at the swat, someone pulled her aside and all their guns went off on Vincent.

"NOO!" she shouted with tears in her eyes as the guns went off

Vincent pressed the button on the elevator to the penthouse. He was on the verge of death, he was bleeding out and had to do one last thing.

Demi broked down in tears as she elevator doors closed assuming Vincent was dead.

Vincent ran into the pent house and dosed himself in alcohol. If they found out who he was, they'd find Demi and his apartment. He grabbed a lighter and lit himself up. "Goodbye Demi...."

Demi was escorted outside and noticed a bright glow up in the penthouse, then one of the SWAT got a message on their radio "My god! He's set himself on fire!" Demi knew it was over, she headed into Vincent's appartment and started packing all his crime fighting things, while BlackJack might be dead, BlackCat would continue stalking the night and protecting the innocent.
BlackJack and BlackCat (RP story Part 2/2)
It's in two parts because it was too long for DA :P
again an RP between me and :iconmanite:

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(warning Fart fetish junk)

Belmont, California

"There are rumors of a man beating on criminals. A man dressed in black. He fights as quick as lightning and disappears just as quick. He looks like a troubled man. Maybe even a psychopath, but one things for sure, he enjoys what he does." "You expect me to listen to this shit? I got better things to do." "Do you belive in the man draped in black?" "What? BlackJack? He's a myth, we uh cops use to scare the perps. No way he's real. Look Venus, I'm going now. I have to get back to work." "Bye-bye, now~ do come again." Officer Sanders leaves. "This is the story, of BlackJack, a troubled man with his own fair share of demons. Now sit back and enjoy, the strange tale of BlackJack"

Demi sighed as she doodled the umpteenth drawing of BlackJack in her notebook, she was so hopelessly in love with this mysterious vigilante but she kew there was no hope for there relationship, no way that mysterious muscular hero would fall for a chubby nerd like her especially not with how her IBS was acting up.
The teacher continued to teach her math class until a knock was heard at the door. And a tall male was pushed in by Principal Henry. He had black curly hair, grayish-blue eyes and stood at 5'9" . "Class! This is our new student, Vincent Kotomine."

Demi looked at the new student and did her best not to drool all over her notes, this guy was stunning, maybe she would actually have a chance with this new guy, considering he didn't know about her frequent accidents during class

"Vincent, you will sit behind Demi all the way in the back." Mr. Durham pointed him toward the back corner of the room. "Okay." Vincent appeared to be limping. He sat behind Demi and started to feel his ankle, instead of pull out his books.

Demi immediately got super nervous, just her luck the day a super-handsome new kid sits behind her she decides to put on those jeans that don't really fit her anymore, what must that guy be thinking of her with half her ass hanging out of the top of her pants, but just as she thinks it could get any worse her belly rumbles "Fuck!" she thinks "Please not now, I don't want the first thing he hears from me to be a fart..." she said as she clutched her chubby gut

Vincent didn't even notice her crack peeking at his from her jeans. He was more focused on how sore his arms were. He took out his book and started to copy notes, but he dropped his pencil right behind Demi. He figured she was taking notes too so he didn't bother asking for his pencil. He got one knee on the ground and was about to pick it up. Head not to far from,her rear-end.
She couldn't hold it any more and just prayed it would be quiet so Vincent wouldn't hear it pppffffrrrrrrpppPPPRRRAAAPPP! The first part was fairly quiet and Vincent probably wouldn't have heard it if he wasn't so close to the source but it ended with a pretty noisy quacking sound, Demi went bright red with embarrasment.

Vincent picked up his pencil and sat back at his desk. Not reacting at all to the fart. It was as if she hadn't farted in the first place. He tapped her shoulder, Hey can I borrow some of your notes? I don't understand this at all."

"Uh... I-I haven't really been taking notes... I've just been drawing in my notebook..." she replied kinda embarassed "S-sorry about the smell by the way... I've got a condition..."

"What're you talking about? What smell? I really haven't noticed." He looked honest enough "Thanks anyway Demi." He sat back and continued to take notes.

She was stunned, how did he not notice that stench of rotten eggs she had produced, it was incredibly strong like always, she assumed he was just being polite and returned to doodling in her notebook.

Class was over. And Vincent started to walk away but noticed Demo's drawings. "What ya doing?" He looked over her shoulder.

"Uhh... I was just doodling this guy I saw on the news" she said blushing some more

He picked up the paper. "You're a good artist, keep it up." He put the paper on her desk. "But do you really think it's best to idolize a vigilante? They're like criminals right?"

"Yeah people say that, but I think of him more like on those like comic book heroes y'know..." she blushed hoping he wouldn't find her weird or anything.

"Hmm. Maybe he is. You like comics? I have a lot of stuff by DC and Marvel back at my house. Maybe we could read together sometime." He picked up his books.

"Oh okay..." she was blushing superhard again and this was really messing up her stomach again "Ugh... I need to go to the bathroom..." she said as she felt her bowels go buck-wild

"Go ahead. I'll walk you if you want." He seemed really nice and cool. And she felt she could trust him.

She got up and gathered her stuff "O-okay..." she said blushing still, but she did feel good with him.

He walked her to the nearest girls room.  School should been over soon. He had to go to his job soon too. "Do you want me to wait for you out here?"

She'd prefer if he didn't hear the absolute appocalypse she was about to unleash on the toilet, but she couldn't just tell him to leave "I-I might take a while... I uh... had a big lunch..." she said hoping he wouldn't stay.

He was gonna say something else but was interrupted by his phone. "Okay, I have to go to work anyway. Let's talk again sometime Demi." He walked out of the building.

"Oh thank god..." she said to herself before sprinting into the bathroom and getting in a stall, within seconds she started an absolutely thunderous dump causing all the other girls to rush out of the bathroom, none of
them wanted to spend a second longer in Demi's horrid stink.

Meanwhile at Cafe Noire, Vincent got dressed in his work uniform. He wasn't in a very high position, he was just a barista, and occasional waiter. Today was pretty slow so the manager left him in charge. No one else
was there. Not even a customer. He sighed of boredom.

Demi sighed after leaving the bathroom completely uninhabitable, why did she have to have this horrible gas, she walked through the street letting of some small toots as she walked past café noire and spotted Vincent
out of the corner of her eye, she sighed and stepped in the café, she just wanted to see him again.

He turned and saw the girl from earlier finally a customer, he thought. "Hey Demi, what brings you to a place like this?"

"Uhh... I-I was... thirsty?" she said very shyly "S-so you work here?"

"Yeah part-time." He quickly made her an iced mocha to help better quench her thirst. "So to make conversation, who's your favorite super hero?"

She looked at the drink and thought for a sec, her stomach didn't deal well with dairy or coffee or anything else that was in this thing but she didn't want to be rude and drank it anyways "I really like aquaman, but like he's super underrated and..." she started rambling on about how Aquaman is the coolest superhero

"I see. I think my favorite could be either Daredevil or Batman. But you know they're pretty mainstream. I wish there was like a female superhero with an unusual ability you know like maybe off the top of my head...gas "

"W-w-what?!" she went bright red "W-w-why would you say that...?" she was kinda confused.

"Well I think superheroes are kind of repetitive. They lost their originality. If there was a female heroine with an unusual ability like gas for exampld, well hell I'd buy the whole damn series!" He clearly had a passion for comics. He looked at his watch." Still got some time"

"I-I guess you're right..." Suddenly her belly let off an ominous growl "Uh... You mind if I use the staff bathroom... I need to go..."

" needs some fixing. If you could give me a few moments. " He pulled out the tool kit. "It'll take a few watch the store for me." He went into the staff bathroom.
She started breaking wind to release some pressure while she could feel the massive flow of excrement go through her bowels

He shouts out to her " Hey uh Demi? Yeah the toilets kinda on the fritz, if you want to go to the bathroom, you'd probably have to use it with me right here. You see I'm ER...holding onto a wrench, that's keeping the water from shooting out the toilet bowl. If I move it'll never get fixed so...just come and do your business, pretend I'm not here!"  He was legitimately trying to hold down the wrench and he didn't want his new friend to be uncomfortable.

She really didn't want to, but it was either use the bathroom with Vincent in it or shit her pants and at least she didn't have to walk home with soiled pants in the first option, she walked in the bathroom "P-please look the other way and uh... hold your nose..." she said super embarassed

He looked to wall but he needed both hands on the wrench. "Go ahead, I'm not here." He did take a quick peek at her though, he was only human.

She started a splattering diarrhea dump in the toilet stinking up the bathroom horribly, she felt so bad about this, but she didn't really have a choice any more.

He continued holding the wrench down. He wanted to cry the stench was so bad. But he didn't react, he wanted her to,be comfortable. "Hey, I could apply some assistance while I'm down here?"

"A-a-assitance...?" she was pretty confused by this "W-what do you mean?" she asked as she continued dumpign.

"Like I could rub your tummy or soemthing. Just relax." He tightened the bolt as best as he could, then placed his foot on it. "See? Now I could help" He show ed her his free hand.

"Y-y-yeah d-do that..." she wasn't really comfortable with this, but she appreciated the offer

He started rubbing her stomach, trying to, help her feel better. "See? It's not that bad. This should help with any blockage I believe." His hands were so  soothing.

She moaned deeply as she just completely unloaded into the toilet "Aaahh.... that felt good...."

"See that's not so bad." He smiled. He looked like the perfect person in her mind. He didn't mind the smell, and had the gentlest smile.

"Y-you're such a nice guy... B-but don't you mind the stench?" she asked kinda shy still

"I wouldn't judge you because of a dump. No one's dump smells good. " He finished on the bolt. "Here's my address. Come by any time" He handed her a slip of paper

She quickly wiped and pulled up her pants again "So I guess... I'll see you tomorrow then?" she asked

"Yeah if all goes well. But if I don't make it, could you bring the notes by my apartment?" He washed his hands and accompanied her outside.

"Uh... Are you like sick or something?" she was suddenly very worried about her new friend "C-could I help in any way?"

" not really. I uh kind of work a night job as well so...I might over sleep..." He rubbed his neck.

"Wow, you're a real work-a-holic huh?" she said giggling "Well see ya soon then!" she smiled

A few hours later, an darkness was casted over the sky. The night has begun, in the worst city, in America. Unfortunately, Demi has found herself just leaving a comic book store at 10:00 at night.

She left the store, she never really liked being out at night, it was cold and kinda scary, she jogged toward home trying to get home quickly.

She got various comments about her bump while she ran. But at some point, someone had the gal to stop her. "Hey girl, come home with me, we could have some fuuun!" A man with a sleeveless hood, and tribal tattoos stopped her. His hood completely darkened his face making it none visible. "We'll have a sweet ride."

"L-leave me alone!" she said pushing him aside, this kind of stuff made her real uncomfortable.

He grabbed her hand "Don't play hard to get! That just makes me want you more!" He pushed her into an alley way and held a combat knife near her.

"H-HELP?! S-SOMEONE?!" she said sounding very scared as her gut was going haywire

"You know, I never really liked having actually sex with someone. I get off on carving up their flesh. " He held the knife very close to her.

She looks at him incredibly scared before just violently shitting herself in fear, she goes bright red, she'd never been this scared in her life

"It's OK little lamb, your just meat for the slaughter!" He held up the knife, suddenly a black rod knocked it out of his hand and boomeranged itself back to its owner. "Let her go Slade! " A silhouetted figure stood on a building close by. "Let.her.go!" Slade dropped her in her own feces. "I'll be back for you my little lamb." Spade picked up his knife.

She sighed as she landed with a disgusting squelch "Another pair of pants ruined" she  slowly got up on her feet and hid around the corner to watch what woud happen

"Come on BlackJack, let's see how you dance!"  The battle was over in seconds. Just like the legend says quick as lightning. Slade was beaten and battered. Broken ribs , shattered collarbone, crushed larynx , and fracture nose. BlackJack looked at Demi seriously "You hurt?"

"N-n-no... But I ruined my pants..." she said "Ugh... Now I gotta walk home like this..." she said trying her best to distract from how attracted she was to the vigilante

He stood there in silence. "I'll take you home." He picked her up by the legs. His forearm under the backs of her knees and other arm on her back. He jumped toward a wall and kicked off of it landing on the nearest rooftop. "You shouldn't be out past 7:15, don't forget" it seemed like he was scolding her but she could tell he cared.

"T-thank you Blackjack... I"m sorry about the stench... I've got a condition..." she said quite embarassed about having shat herself in front of her hero "I live a couple of block away from here..."

"I know. I know where everyone lives. And don't apologize for something you can't help. " He seemed very straightforward and to the point. They landed in front of her house seconds later. "You're lucky. Slade is a very dangerous psychopath."

"Y-yeah... I noticed... D-do you mind if I ask you a question...?" she said super shyly

"What is it?" He looked kind of angry but he wasn't it was all in his personality

"W-why do you do this? R-risk your life for strangers while being called a criminal and a menace?"

"Because I enjoy it." He gave a large smile, but it didn't seem like a kind one. It seemed a little more psychotic, scary even. But his smile quickly went back to the serious look. "Do you know how many people I save in
a night? 1 out of every 10 people in the city. But night after night, they continue  to call me a monster, and a criminal. I don't get justice. So now I don't do it for anyone, I do this for myself. " He seemed a little sad behind the hard exterior

"I think you're really cool for doing what you do!" she said with a smile "I appreciate you a lot!"

His face was still serious but slightly changed. "Then that makes you the .5% who care. I am always greatful, when I meet one of you."

"No problem Jack, can I call you that, you're so cool~"

"Sure...why not...why do you think I am cool? If I may ask?" He wanted to leave but was very curious with someone who seemed to idolize him.,

"You're like a superhero from a comic book!" she said very excited "Only thing you don't have is a sidekick..." she shyly looked to the ground blushing

He stared at her blankly. "Absolutely not. " He was very blunt.

"B-but why not..." she whined

"Well, it's very dangerous. I deal with psychopaths every night. And you messed yourself just at the thought of being cut to pieces, which is completely  normal...for a civilian."

"But maybe I could use that as my super-power! I have lots of gas and stuff like that..." she blurted this out thanks to Vincent's idea

He smirks a bit. "I'll consider it. But I'm not easily impressed and my mind cannot be swayed. I'll come back to you in a few days. See you later, Demi" He jumped out of there in a flash. Gone in a second

She sighed at how awkward she'd been around her hero and goes to shower to clean herself up

Meanwhile, BlackJack runs into an apartment building window, seeming intentionally open. He took off his maks, and was revealed to be Vincent. "Demi huh?"

Demi washed herself and chucked her panties and pants in the trash before putting on her pjs and going to bed, it had been an eventful night.

The next morning, Vincent awoke to nightmares. He had fallen asleep in his BlackJack outfit, he always had nightmares when he fell asleep with it.

Demi on the other hand had a wet dream in her sleep about BlackJack, she was kinda embarassed about it, she was so madly in love with him.

The next day at school, Vincent seemed out of it the entire day. He kept falling in and out of sleep.

"Hey Vincent are you okay? You've been falling asleep all day!" Demi said kinda worried, she didn't really mind since she could sneak out farts while he slept

"Huh? Oh I'm fine. I just had some nightmares is all. I couldn't sleep." The teacher, Mrs. MacDowell, was a substitute for their journalism class. "Today students, you will research the origins of Belmont city, and it's infamous name, The city of Black. Thankfully, your teacher is going to be absent again tomorrow, so I want this report finished by tomorrow! Am I understood? "

"Okay, we're gonna do this report together right?" she asked Vincent

"Sure, why not. Though I'm not all familiar with the city's history." He smelled Demi's previous farts. " Hey uh Demi, tell me. What do you know about this city?" Asked Vincent

"Just that it became basically the gutter of our state after rumors of some evil spirit."

"Evil spirit?" This interested the BlackJack part of his mind. "What evil spirit? " He sounded somewhat like BlackJack for a second.

"I dunno exactly, I'd need to look through my books again, but it was some demon or something that like destroyed massive parts of town or something like that?" she said not entirely sure

"Can I base this chaos on myths or spiritualality? I am a man of faith myself but.." He thought. "No no. That's impossible. "  He went to bring back a computer. "Let's get researching." He said smiling.

Demi was pretty excited about working with Vincent and sat down next to him "Let's do this!" she said with gusto

She accidentally sat on his leg for a second. "Demi can you meet me somewhere afterschool?"

"Yeah sure!" she said excited still as she sneaks out an SBD

"I can smell that you know." He joked. "But I want you to be comfortable so don't be scared ok?"

"Heheh... Excuse me...." she blushed "I hope it doesn't stink too bad..."

"No its fine, everyone farts." The teacher put something on the television. It was the news. "Do you see this class. This man, the one dressed in black, BlackJack put away 250 criminals last night. He beats his record every night. Why isn't crime going down? It's because this city, from its very beginning, has been evil. Continue"

"Damn, poor BlackJack, he does so much and nothing changes..." she said sighing

"It will. Just have patience." He continues typing things up.

"Huh, why are you so confident?"

"It's not confidence, if you push something with all your might, it'll eventually move. It's basically phyics. And Mr. Jack Black seems to be pushing awfully hard."

"I'm pretty sure it's not Jack Black haha..." she giggles "But c'mon let's get back to work!"

"Ok.." after a few more classes they make it to lunch. He grabs his lunch and goes to the rooftop of the school.

"Uhh... where are  you going Vincent?" Demi asked with her tray of tacos.

"I'm going to the roof, it's rather soothing, come join me." He guides her to the stair case.

She followed him up the stairs and quickly got tuckered out, she wasn't used to all this excercise and she was ripping ass while she moved.

"Come on, it's only a little farther up. Do I need to carry you?" He said teasingly.

"If you wanna, I'm afraid I'm a little heavy though." she said jokingly

"Nonsense, I can carry an elephant if I wanted to....not comparing you to an elephant just...nevermind." He picked her up similar to how BlackJack did the night before. "Hold my lunch"

She laid in his arms holding both their lunches, she saw the similarities between Vincent and BlackJack, but didn't say anyhting to avoid giving away her encounter with BlackJack.

He walked her up to the top of the school and set her on the ground. He pulls her out near the edge of the rooftop. "You see the city?"

"Yeah... It actually looks kinda pretty from here!"

"I think. That they call it the city of Black, because black is a universal term for negativity. Black sheep are outcasts, and Black Cats bring misfortune." He ate his food.

"Yeah I guess that's UUURRRPPP! right" she says as she stuffed herself

Vincent stared at the city for awhile but stopped. "So what're your parents like?" He asked , to make conversation.

"They're really sweet, though a little overprotective because of my condition... Yours?"

"I don't know. I never knew my father and I left my mother when I was 16" He seemed not to care about them.

"Oh..." She said a little uncomfortable as her belly started to make noises, she knew she couldn't really eat Mexican food but she was doing it so her gas had a little more power behind it the next time she met BlackJack.

"You ok? Your stomach is making a bunch of noises." He wondered why she was eating tacos when she had IBS.

"Yeah it's gas..." She said a little embarrassed

"Will you be ok?" He rubbed her stomach.

"Y-yeah.... PPFFFFFRRRRTTTT! Oh! Excuse me..." She went red after dropping absolute bomb and it stunk really bad too.

"Don't worry about it. Everyone gets a little gassy sometimes." He tried to make her not be embarrassed and feel comfortable with him.,

"But I'm always gassy" she complained "and they stink like hell too..."

"No they don't your overreacting." He reassured her

She lifted up a cheek and blasted one out toward him "C'mon Vincent you can't tell me with a straight face that these don't reek."

"They don't. Not to me anyway. Smells are different when it comes to me. I find overly used perfume or cologne revolting. I find flatulence to be natural and pleasant to an extent."

"W-w-what?! P-pleasant... Vincent you're messing with me right?"

"To an EXTENT. I'm not saying I go around smelling people's butts, waiting for a fart. But I am saying, that the sound of emissions are natural, and natural is always best."

"So if given the chance I'd rather smell a fart, than terrible perfume "

She just starts laughing "Hehe... You're a weird guy Vincent..."

"Wah? My senses are just different than everyone else's. You don't know what it's like!" He crossed his arms and pouted like a 4 year old " Plus your the one sending farts my way asking if they smell bad to me or not.

She giggles "Don't be such a grump Vincent, who knows maybe if you're a good boy I'll let you pull my finger." She starts laughing again, this was all so silly to her

"Ugh! No one will ever understand *sigh*" He continued to cross his arms.

She got up pushed her butt against his face and ripped a big one "How's that for natural!" She joked

"*mmmph!  Not funny! Plus your wearing a skirt!  muprh*"

"What's wrong with a skirt?" She asked a little confused

"You're butt is like touching my face, there is barely any buffer zone between it and me" He was trying to push her butt off of him.

She ripped a few more "C'mon you're gonna smell great! It's better than perfume right?" She was having a lot of fun messing with Vincent

"Nothings funny..." He was surprised. He was using his BlackJack strength to push her off, but she was able to just stay there.

"I thought you could lift an elephant?!" She said before teasingly pushing out some more gas.

"S-stop teasing me!" At an attempt to stop her he placed both hands on her bubbly cheeks and pushed.

She went bright red as he basically groped her ass and unfortunately for Vincent this opened her floodgates and she just unleashed all the gas she had on his face

"C'mon! Haven't you teased me enough!" He whined

"Y-yeah... I'm done..." She was suddenly really shy again

He blew a raspberry at her. " Meanie!" He playfully punched her arm gently.

"Hehe... Stop it stinky!" She shoved him playfully

"What're you talking about? I must smell good. That stuff is better than perfume!" He joked

"Hehe shut up!" She said laughing

"Hey, wanna skip out on school? It's kinda boring, we could go to get some food." He knew a way to get down from the roof.

"Uhh..." She'd never skipped school before, but she was having so much fun with Vincent  she couldn't say no "Yeah sure!"

He walked toward the fire escape. "C'mon I know a really good Asian place!" She thought it was odd that he knew places in the city, when he just moved.

"Okay..." She said feeling a little weird but following him down the ladder anyways

He got to the bottom. "C'mon slow poke!" He teased.

She set her feet against the sides of the ladder and started sliding down rapidly, unfortunately Vincent hadn't yet moved out of the way.

"Wait hold on! Your coming in too hot!" He stuck his hands out just in case she falls

She dropped down butt-first on top of him ripping a pretty big fart on impact.

His head slammed on the ground with her on top of him. "More perfume?"

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I'm such a klutz are you okay?" She said as she got off him

"Yeah I'm fine." He gets up. "So what's your favorite type of Asian food? I'm half Japanese so it kinda runs in my blood to enjoy Japanese food."

"I dunno, I've never really had much asian food." She said rubbing her somewhat sore backside

"Ohh then I'm going to stuff you on it" He promised. He guided her off the school grounds.

"Don't go too far, my belly's really sensitive~" she semi-complained

"No promises~" He jokes. "Actually I'm thinking you need some Korean Barbeque. They have the best bbq in the world"

"Oooohh... I like barbecue!" She said excited

They walked for about 10 minutes into the city. And a large group of people were standing around looking at the top of a nearby hospital. " I'll kill him! I swear to god, I'll kill 'em!" Some guy had a little boy in his arms on the hospital, and he had a gun. "Some one has to help!" Shouted a lady "Where's the fucking cops?" Said another.

"Oh god! I hope BlackJack gets here soon!" Demi said worried for the poor lil kid

"I've got to go. I'll be right back!" Vincent ran into an alley way
"W-wait Vincent!" She said as she ran after him "You're gonna miss BlackJack!"

Vincent was gone. The alley way came to a stop and he wasn't there. BlackJack was staring down at her. "Go! Now!" He shouted. He jumped on to the hospital, parkouring his way up.

She looked at him before heading back into the crowd looking at the hostage situation nervously, unfortunately for the other people in the crowd when Demi got nervous she got gassy.

BlackJack threw the black rod at the gun pushing out of the man's hand. He jumped over and kicked him off the building catching the kid before hand. The man had fallen into a dumpster and was put into a coma. BlackJack came to the base of the hospital and placed the kid down.

Demi had been pumping such horrid farts while watching this she was the only person of the crowd that was left.

He gave the boy to a group of doctors. He turned and saw Demi staring at him. "What do you want?" He said rather bluntly.

"I-I was just watching you deal with that a-and wondering where my friend went..." She looked at him more intently, those eyes looked familiar

He quickly turned around. "I'm sure he'll  come around at some point. I decided on what I'm going to do with you. I've taken your offer and thought about it to a great deal and...I'll meet you in front if your place tonight."
"O-oh... Okay!" She was real excited "I won't disappoint!"

"You'd better! Or I'll leave you on top of a skyscraper! See you tonight!" He snarled. He jumped up and over the hospital. A few seconds later, Vincent came back with two ice cream cones

"Vincent you missed everything! B-but where sid you have to go that quickly?!"

"I...went to get some ice cream, so we could see BlackJack and enjoy a snack while we wait..I'm sorry" He looked a little defeated and sad
"O-okay... Well at least we can have some ice cream together."

They ate some ice cream on their way to the Korean spot. "This place is really good."

"Cool, I hope it's not too busy there, I have trouble holding it in while I'm eating..."

"Want to sit on my lap then? It should muffle the sound while we eat " He joked teasingly accompanying it with a laugh.

"I have a better idea, how about I sit on your face than you can muffle the sound and the smell!" She joked back

"Sure why not?! It better than perfume anyway!" He jokes

"Shut up~" she slapped him playfully

They go in an get a round booth a little farther than everyone else. She sees some sort of metal plate that's apart of the table. Vincent lays on the seat cushioning. "Oh I'm so tired..."

She hovers her ass over his face and passes an SBD "That oughta wake you up!"

"Smells good to me" he joked

"Oh yeah?! Well how about this then?!" She sat down on his face and let off a little barrage of farts, though still holding back to avoid embarrassing them.

His nose started to feel sore. "You're kind of...hurting my nose." He tried to adjust her.

She got up"Oh sorry... Didn't mean to hurt you..." She was pretty embarrassed

He sits up. "You're a real peach aren't you?" He smiled

He pushes the table upward leaving his lap open. "Wanna be daring?" He asked still smiling

"O-Okay..." she gently sat down on his lap and almost immediately let off a deep tuba-like fart "'scuse me..."

It rumbled against his groin, making him feel good. "What did I say about apologizing for something you can't help?"

She ripped a long cheekflapping fart on his lap which was pretty loud too "Aah~ How's that?"

"I'm not gonna lie to felt really good." He hugged her from behind.

"H-hey you're squeezing my belly, you're gonna make me- PFFFRRTT! PROOORPPPP! FFRRRPPP!"

"I'm sorry. I didn't meant to make you blow your blow hole. Hey are you seeing anyone?" He continued to hug her from the back.

"Uhh... do you mean like romantically?... no... Most guys aren't that excited by a chubby nerd with constant farts."

"Sooooo are you interested in me?" He continued to hug her.

Her eyes shot open wide and so did her backside as she just unleashes flatulent hell on Vincent's lap "Y-y-you want to d-d-date m-me..."

"Sure why not? I mean look at the position we're in already? Unless.. you don't like me?"

"I-I-I... Is it getting hot in here or is taht just me.. hehe..." She says awkwardly as she continues blasting away in his lap "I like you a lot..."

"How much do you like me?" He teased. Holding her tummy tight.

"I like you more th-PPPFFFFFAAAAAARRRRPPPPPP!" she said before being interrupted by a massive fart which caused a small tremor in the restaurant
"More thaaaaan-?" He kept pursuing.

"More than-PFFRR! If you quit squeezing me, you might get an answer!"

"Alright I'm sorry, go ahead."

"I love you more than anything~" she said as she gives him a peck on the cheek

"Thanks. Wanna go to my place after?  I have to show you something." He squeeze again.

"PRRT! Uhh... y-yeah sure..." this was going so quick Demi thought, their first date and now he wants show her something, hope he uses protection.

After they eat Vincent leaves some money and walks her over to his apartment. "Are you ok?" He noticed she looked nervous.

"Y-y-yeah... I've never dated someone before..." she was blushing so hard

"Well you are now." They get into an elevator. "I'm on the top floor you see."

She lets off a very long SBD in the elevator, filling it with a horrid stench

Vincent stays quite the entire ride up.

Demi stays quiet too, but is continuously pumping out horrid gas, all that korean food had messed up her belly real bad

The elevator stops and leads to a small hallway leading to one door. "That's my apartment.."

"Wow, is this entire floor just your appartment?!" she says quite surprised

"Yes, I have a aunt in Pennsylvania who sends me money to keep the rent." He opens the door to a cold monotonous room. No extra decorations, just weight sets, a bed and a desk with a computer. No extra nothing. "Come here I have to show you something."

She follows "Brrr... it sure is cold in here..."

"Sorry." He turns the heat on and opens a closet. She notices the sun is going down.

"Uhh... what's in there?" she asked

He walks in the closet. And the door closes, the door opens again, and out walks BlackJack. "You're training begins!" He growls.

Her skirt lifts up all the way as she rips a huge fart in surprise "Vincent, y-you're BlackJack..." she almost faints

"Yes I am...before I can give you your own identity as a vigilante like me, you need to get..." He looks at her pear shaped body. "Fit. You need to be able to jump around buildings with ease. And your current size, isn't easy for that type of stuff." He feels her body up and down.

"Oohh~ BlackJack..." she moans as he feels her up, she was so sensitive when it came to this kind of stuff

"You're body won't be able to loose it's curvaceous figure. You have large hip bones and a overall large frame. "But we still need to be able to turn some of this into muscle."
"Oh..." she wasn't very excited about doing physical excercise

"Buut I'll carry you for the time being." He decided to lessen up a bit seeing as she didn't care much for excercise. "We still have time before we have to make our rounds if you want to...." He trailed off at the end waiting for her to piece it together.

"D-d-do you want to... heheh...." she was blushing super red

"Go can say " He held her close to him.

She kisses him on the mouth

He could taste their last meal. "So this is a yes?" He asked.

"Yeah..." she drew circles on his chest with her finger

He laid on the bed taking his shirt off, letting her be on top.

She unbutonned her shirt revealing her pudgy gut and sizable breasts contained by her bra.

He unzips himself and puts his hands on her hips.

She pulls down her skirt and panties revealing her nude lower body, she turns around and smacks her big butt "Like what you see?"

He smiles. "Yeah I do." He gets hard.

Her ass jiggles as she farts loudly "Oops... S-sorry... I'm a little nervous... I've never done this PRRAAPPP! before..."

"It's fine.." He kisses from neck down to her breasts. He was going to teach her a thing or two.

She moans before letting off another big fart, this time not apologizing for it
"How about I take those right from the source?" He moves her bum up to his head

She sits on his face and just lets loose, not caring in the slightest about how bad they must stink or how she's farting around her crush.
He wanted to be a little kinky, so he stuck tongue out, waiting to see what would happen.

She moaned deeply as he licked her and continued blasting away.

"Could you...nevermind" he kept doing what he was doing.

"A-am I doing something wrong?" she asked confused.

"N-no I was just going to ask, If you'd...maybe off" He didn't want her to do anything she didn't want to.

She gently grabbed his penis and slowly started jacking him off "H-how's this?" she asked as she continued passing gas.

"Oh~just fine." He licks her butt more vigorously.

"Ooooohhhh~" she moaned deeply

He gets up and starts pounding her in her Vagina. "Demi.."

"BLACKJACK!"She shouts as she finished quickly "S-s-sorry... I meant Vincent..."

"It's fine. Me and him are one and the same." He pulls out and goes to the bathroom.

She sighs and stretches in bed, she felt really relaxed.

He comes out wearing the uniform again. He threw a black outfit at her. "What's your name?"

"Demi... you know that already!" she jokes

"When I'm in this outfit, I'm not Vincent. I'm BlackJack. When you wear that you will not be Demi. So choose a new name for yourself." He seemed a little upset that she didn't catch that right away.

"I dunno... I'm not good at coming with this kind of stuff... Don't you have any ideas?" she said as she examined her costume, it was quite revealing.

"BlackJack and BlackCat." He opened his window, it was straight to business. " BlackCat and BlackJack, aren't in a relationship, but Demi and Vincent are. In other words, out there in these, we are two people, not a couple." He seemed strict.

"Yeah that name's pretty cool!" she smiled not really wanting to go along with Vincent's more serious demeanor for now "So do I need to wear clothes beneath this thing?" she looked at it again "W-where did you get this suit from? It looks S&M gear."

"Its for flexibility, your body isn't going to be able to be contained like normal. Those openings are there to create less stress on the outfit, so it doesn't rip."

"I mean you can just say that I need to lose weight..." she sighed "So do I just go naked beneath this thing?"

"No I'm not gonna say that because your weight could be used as a benefit. And yes"

She starts slowly putting on the suit on her soft sweaty body, the thing hugged her curves tightly.

"Get on my back, BlackCat. We've got to go"

She gets up on his back "Let's go!"

He leaps out the window and onto a nearby building. "Try and listen. See if you can hear their screams"

"W-well you're gonna hear me screaming if you jump out of another window without warning me!"

His expression doesn't change, staring at her blankly. "You need to be more serious, as if you were a separate person."

"S-sorry... BlackJack... this is all just so unreal to me..." she apologized "I'll try and be more serious."

He took off the mask.,"Look I'm sorry but this is just to protect who we really are. " He pecked her in the cheek and put the mask back on. "Get your game face on BlackCat, do you hear that man?"

"Yeah... Let's do this!" she says looking serious

Some thugs were beating up an old man. "Okay, you drop yourself on the big guy, this is what I meant when I said your weight is a benefit. I'll take out the other two."

"Butt first?" she asked

" Yeah, butt first"  BlackJack smirked. He got into position. "Now!" He yelled.

She jumps down, falling down at rapid speed before slamming ass-first on the big guy's chest, ribs audibly cracked on impact before being drowned out by her loud farts.

The other two shouted "What the fuck?!" Then BlackJack slammed their heads into the brick wall. " Good. Now follow me" He parkouring up the wall. "Get up here!" He shouted

She looks up the wall "Uhh... how? You do remember my body shape right?"

He pointed to the fire escape

She started climbing the fire escape somewhat slowly, she really wasn't in very good shape.

When she reached the top, BlackJack was looking around with some military grade binoculars. "Took you long enough"

"S-sorry... I haven't really been going to gym, in the past like 10 years..."

"It's fine. I'll get you in shape in 20 days. We gotta move" He put the binoculars away and picked up BlackCat

"If you say so" she says pretty out of breath "So what did you see?"

"Five men , white van, stealing 3 children. " He was fast and blunt. "I'm going to drop you ontop. There's a sun roof. You take out the driver."

"Sure thing!" she says as she prepares her attack.

He jumps on a small sign. "Try and get into the front seat, and press the button for the automatic doors of the back." He hold her under the arms waiting for the van to pass under.

"Got it BlackJack" she said he dangled her over the road, she was a little scared about this but she trusted Vincent and her backside had proven virtually indestrucible anyways.

The van passed and he dropped her. Onto the roof. "I'm counting on you!"

Her ass slams into the sunroof but she's too big to go through, but this doesn't really matter as she immediately begins the pumping the  front area of the car full of gas, the driver gets knocked out and she jumps in the car pulls the brake and open the back door.

Two boots with two powerful legs connected to the kick two of the four guys in the head, BlackJack throws them out of the moving van. Then he closes the doors and puts a wire around the guy in the passenger sides neck."Where's you taking these kids? " the man was gasping for air. "S-screw off!" BlackJack gave  BlackCat the look like let it rip.

Demi obeyed and just dropped a bomb in the criminal's face "Answer him Jerkass!" she says "Or I'll rip another one!"

"I'm not going to ask again. You barely have any air left until you suffocate. And the only air your breathing, is from my friend's bowels. Now where the fuck are these kids going?"

"T-t-they were going to the old warehouse at the dock, p-please don't kill me!" the thug begged desperately at the two vigilantes

"That's up to my partner." He leaves him there with BlackCat. And takes the kids outside the van.

"This kitty's got a surprise for you~" Demi teased as she bent over with her massive ass pointed toward the crook as she pressed the button to lock and shut the doors "No! No, please no!" he begged before BlackCat unleashed a massive explosion in his face, blasting him with her horrid gas.

BlackJack took a phone off the man and  phoned the police. "There are some kids  off of 4th and linbergh. Get here quick." He hanged up the phone. "We're going to the docks BlackCat, hurry up!"

"So you wanna take the car? It must be quicker than running right?" she asked

"No. We'll make it there faster than the car." He picked her up and leaped in the air. Moment later police sirens went off, probably getting the kids. A few minutes later they make it to the docks. "We're here."

"Okay so, what's the plan Vin-... BlackJack" she quickly corrected herself.

He gave her a look. " Give me a few moments. I have to hear what they're saying...Look inside through the window."

"Sure!" She said as she crept up to the window and peered inside as sneakily as possible.

BlackJack heard what the men were saying. " How many?" "5...6...7..8" "Let em count. There's a few in here." "10...11...12. There's 12 kids." "Aren't we expecting about 3 or 4 more?" "Yes just be patient. " "I-I want my mommy." A kid cries. "Shut it!" Shouts a man.

Demi gets quite upset seeing the men handle the kids roughly "C'mon BlackJack let's get these jerks, there's only like 6 of them!" she said really wanting to show these guys what for.

"I agree. Don't move, until you see my attack. " He jumped ontop of the warehouse. Looking for a way in.

She lay in wait as she felt the gas build up inside of her, these guys were going to get one hell of a blast from BlackCat.

BlackJack threw a smoke grenade on the inside and he came down on two criminals and breaking a third's arm.

Demi jumped in and dropped her own kind of smoke grenade aiming her rear end away from  the kids of course, stinking up the place severely.

BlackJack took out two more and threw one towards BlackCat, he picked up the kids and hight aimed it out.

She teasingly shook her butt at the frightened criminal before suddenly jumping up and slamming her vast backside on his face before lettting loose on the guy's face, she really didn't like these guys and was not holding back in the slightest.

After the dust settled. "BlackCat watch over these kids, and tip off the cops. I'm taking a look around."

"Okay!" she said as she grabbed a cellphone off one of the guys and called the cops over.

BlackJack goes back in the warehouse house, he looks around until he finds, some files. "They were selling these kids..." He punches a wall, cracking it. He goes over and picks up one of the knocked out assailants, and takes him up to the roof.

The police arrive and give BlackCat a weird look making her blush before she quickly scampers off into the building again looking for BlackJack, she eventually gets onto the roof.

"Where are those kids going?" He punched him repeatedly. "I-I don't know, we were suppose to just gather the kids?!" He pushed him into the roof and beat him senseless "You're lying!"

"Uhh.. B-BlackJack? C-can I help?" she asks shyly as she walks toward them

"Stay over there!" He yelled. He continued beating and beating on the guy, it seemed inhumane to BlackCat.

"H-hey don't you think that's a little much?" she asked and when he didn't respond she grabbed him tightly "BlackJack QUIT IT!"

"Where we're these kids going!" He shouted from BlackCat's arms. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" The man whimpered

"Calm down BlackJack!" she sneers at the vigilante contained in her arms

He turned toward BlackCat. "They were going to sell those kids as slaves!"

"Yeah but you were going to kill him!" she argues "And then you'd be just as bad as all those guys we're trying to stop!"

He looks back to the perp. "When does the slave trader come around? "

"F-f-four AM" the guy stutters still scared shitless of the two vigilantes

"That's a few hours from now. If your lying to me I'm coming back for you." He picked him up and threw him off the warehouse house and on to the police car. Which would him in a body cast.

"Why do you need to hurt them this badly?" she asked kinda worried "I mean they're getting arrested, isn't that good enough?"

"They need to remember not to do it again. It's all about fear and intimidation, that's how you beat these people."

"Yeah but you scare people enough without putting them in a coma!" she replied

"I have to do what's necessary BlackCat. This is your first night. You'll see why I do this eventually. We're camping out here and waiting for the slaver. And I'll try my very best not to kill him. " He was angry, but there was a method to his madness. In his heart, he bled for the people of Belmont. But put his mouth he spoke obscenities upon it.

She sighed, she didn't like this Vincent at all, he seemed more like a psychopath than the hero she'd dreamed of, but she would stay by his side so she could maybe steer him in a better direction, she sat down on the roof "So what do you wanna do while we wait?"

"Nothing. We stay here and wait for the enemies movement until 4 AM. Unless you want to give up and I take you home?"

"No, I just meant what do we do to pass the time? You're not seriously expecting us to just sit here and wait, saying and doing nothing right?"

He sighed. "Fine, what do you want to do to pass the time?"

"I dunno... maybe we could have something to eat, I can't keep blasting away on an empty stomach and it might be smart for me to find a restroom at some point, I wouldn't want to have an accident in this cool suit..."

He picked her up and made their way to his home. "You can use my bathroom. Make sure to get changed and be ready in five minutes."

"Uhh... It might be a little longer than that..." she said blushing "But don't worry just grab some fast-food while I'm in the bathroom, we can eat it back at the warehouse." she said as she hurried into the bathroom

He nodded and quickly changed into normal clothes. "Okay babe." He leaped out the window.

Meanwhile Demi stripped naked and took a monster shit, all this fighting and busy-work had really riled up her bowels and Vincent's poor toilet was at the receiving end.

Vincent had a very small and cheap toilet with very low water pressure, meaning it wasn't very strong.

By the time Demi finished taking her dump the small toilet was thoroughly clogged and making various horrific noises, Vincent was gonna need to buy a new one.

Vincent comes back with some Chinese take out. The quickest and fastest food to get around here. "Demi, I'm back"

"H-hey" she said blushing as she readjusted her costume a little "I-I may have broken your toilet..." she was so embarassed about this.

"It's fine. I'll unclog it." He handed her some food." Sorry about yelling at you and beating that guy half to death."

"I don't think you're gonna be able to unclog this one..." she sighed "And I forgive you, doing all this stuff is really stressful and having a newbie like me around probably isn't making it easier."

"No your fine. I'm impressed with how well you adjusted in a matter of hours. " He motioned for her to sit on his lap.

She sat her big thong-devouring ass down on his lap and gently kissed him.

"I just felt sorry for them is all. I wonder what their families are going through..." He kissed her back. "You were good for your first time on the field."

"Thank you~" she said "It was pretty cool to watch you work from so close and for the first time in my life I feel like I'm making a difference!"

He moves his hand up and down her hips "I'm glad. And maybe one day, we'll actually change something."

"Oohh... Vince~ Do we have time for this?" she asked as she let a long silent fart out on Vincent's lap.

"Yes. I think we do~" He rubbed up and down her leg.

She giggled as she turned around and started making out with him.

He tapped her butt a few times while they kissed.

"Mmm... Something tells me you didn't just get this outfit because it 's the best for moving around" she said as she started grinding her butt on his lap.

"Perhaps~" As he squeezed her breast. "There may have been other reasons."

"Hehe... I still can't believe you think I'm hot." she said as she ripped a pretty loud fart on his groin "Oohh yeah~ That was a good one."

"Well, I've never discriminated when it came down to looks." He continued kissing her.

"Enough foreplay" she said "I don't want our food to get cold, fuck me BlackJack!"

He pulled his pants down and pulled her suit off, stuffing his thrombin penis into her Vagina. "No more foreplay."

She moaned as he took her amidst more loud trombone-blasts from her sphincter, she'd never imagined a night where she'd team up with BlackJack and have sex with him.

Vincent needed the release from his daily stress. And she was the perfect person to release it on. He gripped her ass cheek.

She responded with another thundering fart, never in her life had she even dared to think her disease might prove to be her main asset, but now it was her weapon to fight back against criminals and one of the many things that turned her boyfriend onto her.

He thrusted into her vag. And kissed her with passion, he caressed the back of her head as head did so.

She quickly finished before blasting him with another one of her incredibly potent farts.

He smacked her ass. He laid next to her. "Go on and finish your food before it gets cold"

"You want any or is it all mine babe?" she asked as she grabbed the bag of food.

"You can have it all." He turned on the police radio he stole.

She just starts chowing down on the chinese food "UURP! this stuff is really good~" she says gleefully with her mouth full.

"I'm glad your enjoying it." He smiled patting her belly

She sighs and lets out another little burp "Mmm... It's so nice~" she smiles at him

"We have a few hours to kill." He listens to the radio, for potential threats

"What do you wanna do still Vince?" she asked as she continues eating.

"I'm not sure. " He dresses up as BlackJack "But I'm going out "

"Oh! Hold on a sec, let me put on my suit!" she said excitedly as she started clumsily putting on her costume.

"We're going to work on your gymnastics and acrobatics." He picked her up and jumped out the window on to the nearest building.

She sighs "Do we have to?" she really didn't like excercise at all, hence why she got so chubby in the first place

"Do you want me to carry you everywhere?"

"I wouldn't mind" she blushes

He sighs. "What if I die tomorrow, how would you get around as BlackCat?"

"I would stop because my boyfriend just died"

"But what about the people? Are you doing this for me? Or are you doing this for them?"

"I originally wanted to do it because it seemed really fun, but now I'm doing it for the people, but without you... I'd just get killed in an instant, I can't fight like you can."

"That's why I'm going to teach you. Your my sidekick remeber? I'm the mentor. That's why you're going to take Gymnastics at school, Right?"

"Ugh... fine..." she sighed "But I'm not gonna like it!" she crosses her arms and pouts

"BlackCat. It's time." He looks at his watch.

"Oh... Let's go!" she puts her game-face on

"Ok." He quickly got serious after thinking about the slaver. He picked up BlackCat and headed toward, the warehouse.

She is feeling a little anxious as her belly starts digesting all the food she stuffed in her face.

They make it to the docks and a small yacht appears near the warehouse. There are about 20 men aboard. "Sit this one out BlackCat."

"W-what?! W-why, I thought you were going to teach me?" she was pretty confused

"....You make a point." He didn't want to take her into direct danger but he did promise her.

"Alright so what are we gonna do? My belly's roaring and I'm ready to blow!"

He picks her up and jumps on the yachts roof. "Let's call this move atomic bomb." He throws her into the air hovering over some men."

She lets out a massive barrage of rancid farts on the men below her before slamming down on top of one of them.

It creates a mushroom cloud of flatulence. "The hell is going!" BlackJack jumped into the cloud of emissions and started beating the crap out of people.

BlackCat continues passing gas stinking up the deck of the boat, most of men where in a blind panic none of them had foreseen the chemical warfare she used.

By the time the dust settled the men were down. A man in a large coat walked out shouting. "The hell is going on here!?"

"We're BlackCat and BlackJack, we're here to stop your evildoing!" she said confidently as she got up on her feet again.

BlackJack took a look at her and shook his head at the introduction then he looked back at the slave trader "Kids? Really? Kids?" He got serious and launched at the man, the silver ran inside the yacht.

"Stop!" she shouted at the slaver before running after BlackJack

BlackJack ran threw the escrima rod at the slaver, which knocked him over, then BlackJack started to beat on his legs until the would break.

BlackCat pushes Blackjack aside and simply sits on the slaver's chest letting of some gnarly farts toward his face "Why are you abducting kids?!" she shout-asks

"I'll never tell you nothing!" He shouted back.

"Well then enjoy sniffing my farts for the rest of your days!" she says as she scoots backward a little so her butt is way closer to his face as she unleashed more rancid gas.

"Screw you whore!" BlackJack moved her. "It's not working BlackCat, he needs some more persuading." BlackJack picked him up and walked and threw him on the poop deck.

BlackCat sat down and crossed her arms as she watched BlackJack go about his interrogation as her belly started making noises again, something about that chinese food wasn't sitting right with her.

BlackJack drove the yacht out to sea. And after land wasn't even visible BlackJack stopped. "Okay your going to tell us what we want to know. I want to throw you off this boat, and BlackCat has to take a shit, so which is it?"

BlackCat was clutching her belly as more gurgles and noises came from it, she had to go bad.

"You. Have two options she shis on you or you go from a swim. Which is it!" The man panicked. "Uh.." "BlackCat do your business."

BlackCat hurried over to him and quickly pulled her thong to the side as she squatted over the slaver revealing her sphincter before taking a big splattering diarrhea dump.

"Ewwww what the hell!? " "Now talk!" "Okay okay, I was taking them down to Southern America to sell them as slaves!" " you get to take a nap!" He knocked him out

"Uhh... do you think they have some toilet paper around here? I don't wanna go around town with a dirty bum."

"Use this guy's shirt. We have a yacht now." He went inside the yacht to look around.

She wiped her ass on the shirt permanently ruining it "Wait, we're just gonna steal this boat?!" she asked very suprised.

"It's unlicensed anyway." He was looking at the controls.

"Well okay... But where are we taking this thing, it's not like you've got a place to store it do you?"

"No..not yet. I need my own Bat Cave" He was hot wiring the controls

"Oohh... That'd be cool!" she says pretty excited "But there's no way we could ever afford that."

"And I'm not Batman but I'll find a way, I  always do." He drove the yacht to the beach. "Go home. You have to keep up your grades to avoid suspicion."

"Yeah, that's a good idea!" she says as she gets off the boat "Thanks for all this BlackJack, love you~" she blows him a kiss

"Remeber that we aren't a couple when we're in these outfits....and I love you too" He said the last part short and fast.

"Whatever Jackie~" she joked turned around smacked her thick butt and headed home.

BlackJack turned around and took the misshapen man and threw him off the yacht at the edge of the beach. He called the cops. "Bastard."

Demi quickly headed home across the practically empty streets, at home she undressed, took a shower and took a quick nap before school.
[CM]Long Fart The Queen by Primesui
I commissioned this from :iconprimesui:
Bloated Bella
an absolutely gorgeous pic by :iconcoaster14: of my character Bella, what follows is a little thing I wrote to go along with it.


"Ugh... My tummy hurts..." Bella complained as she rubbed her gut

"Maybe you shouldn't have eaten all those tacos then!" I argued 

"But they tasted so good~ You know how much I like Mexican food!" She replied 

"I also know what it does to your bowels." I said as her belly gurgled loudly

"Yeah but it's worth it! Besides I don't remember you telling me to stop!" She said making me blush, I was so enamored by her flatulence that I couldn't bring myself to prevent her from gorging herself on gassy foods despite knowing what kind of disastrous side effects this stuff could give her.

"J-just open the door honey, I don't want you too far away from the bathroom in case... y'know..." I said a little flustered as Bella struggled to get her keys out of her pocket, seems like her massive feast had made her pants a fair bit tighter than they were before.

Eventually she managed to get her keys and went to her front door to unlock it, she let off a deep moan as she bent toward the lock compressing her severely inflated stomach, but I was too distracted by the tight fabric of her pants struggling to contain her massive butt, her rear seemed even larger than usual.

Her super-sized buttocks erupted with a loud blast of hot taco-fueled gas, Bella's first post-binge fart was an absolute bomb causing birds to flee the trees and my hair to be blown back by her powerful wind, the stench was rich and earthy as it always was when she ate beans though with a spicy Mexican undertone, though no matter what the smell was I could feel the front of my pants getting tighter because of it.

Somewhere during her loud eruption she'd managed to unlock the door "So are you ready to go inside dear or do you want to sniff up my fart some more?" she said with a smug grin on her face, but it was quickly replaced with a somewhat pained expression as another loud noise came from her belly.

I quickly headed inside and she shut the door behind her, her stomach was now making noise non-stop and it was slightly worrying, last time this happened it hadn't been pretty, "Hey are you feeling okay hon?" I asked as I looked back at her, she'd really eaten far too much to the point where her engorged potbelly had outgrown her sweater meaning a pretty big portion of pale underbelly peeked out from under it.

She held her big gut while a barrage of toots escaped her backside accompanied by more rumbles coming from her intestines, I was trying my hardest to remain worried and caring for my big bloated girlfriend but the smell she was spreading filled my head with dirty thoughts making it hard to focus.

"L-let's get you to the bedroom sweetie!" I said grabbing her hand she looked at me with a smile before pushing out another big butt-blast, I smiled back, it made me feel so good to see her happy.

But as soon as I took a step she held me back "Honey..." She said struggling to speak over her noisy gut "I- really appreciate the sentiment GGRRROOAAARRNNN ...a-and I really want to! B-but... PPOOOTTT! I don't think sex is a good idea right now... I'm so bloated and I might have a... y'know... accident..." 

I blushed some more that hadn't been my intention though I was definitely thinking about it "N-no that's no why I want you up there" I explained "I want to have you close to a toilet and also be able to sit and be comfortable." I gave her a smile.

"Oh honey... You're such a sweetheart~" she said as she hugged me tightly before covering my face in kisses as her backside began an impressive trumpet-solo caused by our tight embrace completely stinking up the hallway, after a little while and about a thousand kisses she let me go.

I quickly took off my shoes but as I finished I noticed Bella was struggling "Uhh... Do you need me to get those for you?" I asked, she nodded meekly in response, I got down on my hands and knees and started untying her shoes, I really wasn't looking forward to this, while I liked the incredibly potent odor her backside produced I was a lot less fond of how her feet smelled and boy did they smell. 

I had only taken off one of her shoes and already I had to hold my breath as the vicious sour odor slowly emanated off of her bare foot, until a very high-pitched sound came from a few inches above me as a very hot gust of air ruffled my hair, Bella had let off one of her more silent farts and it reeked to high heaven but nonetheless it enticed me and I gladly sniffed it up as it completely overpowered her foot odor.

Having removed both her shoes we proceeded down the hallway immediately stumbling on another problem, the stairs, I could see Bella fidgeting nervously out of the corner of my eye, she was going to need some help "Do you need me to push you?" "M-maybe" she said shyly as she walked toward the stairs and slowing taking the first step, clearly her food-baby was giving her tons of trouble.

I took a deep breath and placed my hands on her rear end as I pushed her up with all my might, my hands sunk into her thick fleshy buttcheeks to the point where I couldn't even see them as they had been consumed by her soft fat, but we began making progress, Bella was incredibly heavy so it took a lot out of me to get her up to the second floor but it wasn't all bad since the exercise was making Bella fart up a storm.

Slowly but surely we got up the stairs as a thick green mist began forming behind us, once we reached the top we were both exhausted and out of breath, but it was just smooth sailing from here on out as we walked hand in hand to the bedroom as her bloated belly continued gurgling loudly.

I sit on the bed and look over at Bella as she clutches her rumbling gut before an absolute storm of gas erupts out of her ass instantly making the room smell like her backside, naturally I loved it, Bella let off a deep sigh of relief as the smell continued to intensify.

But the the relief was only momentarily as the gurgling returned and she doubled over again, I felt bad for her, it must hurt having that much gas inside her "I-is there anything I could do to help Bella?" I asked eager to aid her.

"Oh really honey?! That would be great, I could really use a nice tummy rub." she said as she walked over to me holding her gut as some more small farts escaped her bum once she got to me she turned around and prepared to sit on my lap.

With her back toward me I quickly realized how much her backside dwarfed my lap, perhaps letting her sit on my lap would be a really bad idea, though the stirring in my loins seemed to disagree "Uhh... Bella wouldn't you rather lay down on the bed than sit on my *SLAM!* PPRRRRRFFFFTTTT!"

The ground quaked as Bella's elephant-sized ass came crashing down on my legs follow by another vicious tremor from her loud gas emission, my legs were painfully squashed beneath her oh-so-heavy rear end but the loud fart she had ripped immediately upon impact completely removed any thoughts of asking her to get off, aroused I stretched my arms as far as they could go and gently massaged her swollen gut.

As soon as I touched her belly a veritable storm of flatulence started and it wasn't showing any signs of stopping, the two of us moaned softly as her thick gas filled the room, Bella from the intense relief passing all this gas brought her and I because of all the pleasure her roaring farts against throbbing member gave.

It must've been at least an hour of solid non-stop farting before Bella grabbed my wrists and took my hands off her gut "Thank you so much hun, that felt great! But I think we should continue this in the bathroom, I gotta take a dump and you're gonna help me with it." She said as she got up and walked to the bathroom still holding one of my hands.

Once inside she let me go and started undressing "Honey would you mind locking the door, we wouldn't want the stink to get out would we~" she asked and I obliged, Bella was getting surprisingly good at our own brand of dirty talk, as I finished locking the door I turned around to find Bella having managed to strip herself of all her clothes save for her bra and sitting on the toilet.

With her practically naked it became very apparent how incredibly large of an effect the meal had had on her body, her belly was huge and incredibly round and her butt had a noticeable inflated look about it too, I just couldn't stop looking at her "Hey hun are you just gonna stare or are you gonna get over here and rub my belly again?" She said teasingly.

I walked over got on my knees, placed my hands on her gut and began my sensual massage again, as soon as I applied even the slightest amount of force Bella's thunderous dump started, she pushed out tons of shit and gas in seconds and didn't seem to stop soon, I continued squeezing and rubbing her belly while also gently kissing it, 

Bella's gargantuan dump lasted for an hour maybe two before she finally finised, when she did the both of us were coated in sweat Bella from the exertion from taking a huge shit like that and me from the incredible heat her gas had created, relieved Bella got off the toilet, flushed and gave me a gentle smooch on my forehead "Thanks for helping me out dear, now go lay down on the bed, I'll reward you in a sec." She teased.


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